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The customer at the center of every journey





Social responsibility


My Safe Place Transfer

We specialize in door-to-door transport services throughout the national territory, starting from Rome. Our brand is born from Parts & Services, the first national consortium for technical assistance to vehicle fleets. My Safe Place Transfer guarantees a comfortable and safe travel experience.

Shared mobility services

My Safe Place Transfer offers shared mobility services with the goal of creating a transportation system that reduces CO2 emissions and maximizes travel efficiency, aided by technological innovation.

Eco-Sustainable Transport

My Safe Place Transfer promotes shuttle services, offering particularly advantageous rates. Our aim is to reduce the number of vehicles on the road, contributing tangibly to the reduction of city pollution.

My Safe Place

Why choose us

My Safe Place Transfer specializes in door-to-door transportation services throughout the country.


We strive to be at the forefront of the transportation industry, utilizing the latest technologies to enhance the customer experience.


Our customers' safety is our top priority.


We offer maximum flexibility in booking our services.


Our team consists of highly qualified drivers with extensive experience in the transportation sector.

Social responsibility

We conduct our business in a socially responsible and sustainable manner.


We ensure efficient and seamless transportation for our customers.

MySafePlace believes in:

Attending to individual needs

Satisfying the Customer

Providing the best travel experiences

Ensuring safety onboard

Developing sustainable transportation

Promoting shared mobility

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