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Stringhe testo form

“rome_hotel”: “Roma City – Hotel/Apartment”,
“fiumicino_airport”: “Fiumicino Airport (Leonardo da Vinci)/City”,
“ciampino_airport”: “Ciampino Airport (G.B. Pastine)”,
“civitavecchia”: “Civitavecchia Port”,
“other_destination”: “Other Destination”,
“departure”: “Departure”,
“destination”: “Destination”,
“passengers”: “Passengers”,
“bags”: “Baggages”,
“date”: “Date”,
“time”: “Time”,
“host”: “Host name or address”,
“address”: “Cruise ship, hotel or flight number”,
“name”: “Name”,
“surname”: “Surname”,
“country”: “International phone prefix”,
“service_type”: “Service Type”,
“mobile”: “Mobile Number”,
“email”: “E-mail”,
“notes”: “Notes”,
“coupon”: “Coupon code”,
“ask_estimation”: “Ask for estimation”,
“shared_shuttle”: “Shared Shuttle”,
“private_service”: “Private Service”,
“note_1”: “* For Private Service, you can book every 15 minutes (00,15,30,45)”,
“note_2”: “** To ensure a smooth and hassle-free trip, please book your ride 9 am-8 am, up to one day in advance of your departure.”,
“close”: “Close”,
“submission_error”: “An error occurred during form submission!”,
“error”: “Error!”,
“try_again”: “Try again later.”,
“next”: “Next”,
“success”: “Success!”,
“sent”: “Info sent!”,
“required”: “This field is required”,
“too_short”: “Its too short”,
“$vuetify”: {
“open”: “Apri”,
“close”: “Chiudi”

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